DIY Pallets

Last September we decided it was about time after living on and off in a van for 4 years to make the jump to a home that didn’t have wheels. Since we didn’t have a place for so long, we had acquired zero furniture or pretty much anything besides snowboards and mountain bikes. I’m not […]

Yukon Biking

This past fall I was blessed with the opportunity to explore the Yukon territory with Marisa for 10 days and exceeded my already high expectations. The scenery was spectacular, the people were genuine, and the biking was world class. Whitehorse, YT Right from the get go after landing in Whitehorse on Sept 17th I was […]


Guy asks girl out, guy takes girl out for a dinner date, guy pays for dinner, guy and girl eventually start to date.. guy always pays for dinner out? I’m not one for sticking to most traditions and this rant isn’t really about being old fashioned or not, but for myself and Mitch over the […]