Guy asks girl out, guy takes girl out for a dinner date, guy pays for dinner, guy and girl eventually start to date.. guy always pays for dinner out?

I’m not one for sticking to most traditions and this rant isn’t really about being old fashioned or not, but for myself and Mitch over the years together we’ve built a strong relationship dividing a majority of our shared expenses in half.

I tend to make the typical joke “2018.. women in the office, men in the kitchen”.. but honestly, why would that be such a terrible thing? There’s a lot of women like myself and who I fortunately know in my life that work their darn hardest to put it towards what they deserve with or without a partner around.

However, splitting expenses in half with your significant other isn’t about getting the point across about being independent. For us, splitting things 50/50 points out a sense of acknowledgement that what we both work so hard to earn isn’t looked at as individual gains, but money earned and can be spent together. And we’ve learned this being an especially important benefit while travelling together or living in another country for an extended period of time.

For us, how much money we make over the years has become less of an importance and has put a focus towards how and what we spend or split things based solely on the lifestyle we have chosen to live in order to make us happy. Splitting our costs have also become easier when earning a lower income has been experienced by one or the other or lately the both of us. It’s during these periods of time where you truly become humbled by your partner and appreciate having them around to help you out in order to enjoy whatever it may be that you’re spending together.

The bottom line is we have a 50/50 system and it works for our relationship, but it’s not for everyone. My success in life, what I financially earn, the things I cherish and own, and most importantly what I give back to my partner over the years in the end will only account for 50% of the total 100% it will truly benefit the both of us being together. However being said that, when Mitch offers.. I gladly let him pay for a fancy dinner out in town 🙂

Posted by Marisa

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