Living the Dream: 4 Step Program

One of the most common sayings I run across on almost a daily basis is, "Living the Dream!" and to be frank the phrase brings more questions to my mind than I am comfortable with. There's no one dream that everyone wants to live so why is it "the"? My grandma says it best when she… Continue reading Living the Dream: 4 Step Program


Why Backcountry?

Why backcountry? Why go from the confides of society where all lifes amenities can be readily attained and help is only a short call away? For me backcountry is a relatively new word to my vocabulary. As a kid, cellphones were non-existent and our pedal bikes were the only thing we needed to venture away from… Continue reading Why Backcountry?


I’m NOT American

You never realize how proud you are of your roots until you venture away from your roots to explore. I was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and that will always be home no matter how long I'm gone and no matter how far I go. When I walk the quiet Sask streets the air feels… Continue reading I’m NOT American

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How small can you go?

A man once said bigger is better, but I believe bigger is also easier. Whether it's a house, a vehicle, or a bag we always seem to fill up, downsizing our wants vs. needs is a bigger struggle for the majority. When we shrink our lives we really start to understand what we value and… Continue reading How small can you go?


Street Art is the Best Art

I recently travelled Europe for 7 weeks and am now in New Zealand for a year! I can't help but hit up the museums that are highly recommended by the Lonely Planet or locals. The only thing is I find myself making fun of the art more than appreciating the art in these museums. Don't… Continue reading Street Art is the Best Art


Do NOT talk to me when I have to pee

There's no feeling quite like concentrating all your might into crossing your legs and praying to the heavens a restroom or unsupervised bush becomes available in the very near future! One of the determining factors for my "favorite" places while travelling relies heavily on the ease and convenience I can relieve my bladder. Conveniently, these places… Continue reading Do NOT talk to me when I have to pee


Tickets 4 Two

"Traveling.. it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller." – Ibn Battuta Those three words.. I'm going travelling. Exciting, yet becomes a nerve racking process of planning, packing and getting all your ducks in a row. A good start with travelling and preparing for each trip is making it part of ones lifestyle, just like saving for retirement or going to… Continue reading Tickets 4 Two