We’re more than just a travel blog, Live4theRush is focused around simple living, exploring the outdoors and adventuring around the places we travel to by splitboarding, sledding, mountain biking, fishing, hiking, hunting etc.

Mitch: Saskatoon, SK; B.Eng. Civil & Avalanche Tech

Marisa: Calgary, AB; M.Sc. Geology & Avalanche Tech


TRAVELLED TO? Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, England, the many provinces and territories of our home country Canada, and where we spent 15 months travelling around and living in our first campervan Philipa in New Zealand! We’ve moved up north to the Yukon and went from living in our second campervan OL’ BETSYto a cozy off-grid cabin hidden in the bush just 5-mins from downtown Whitehorse.

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