Vanlife Pt.7: For Sale

It’s with the uttermost sadness that we’ve made the hard decision to leave the beautiful country of New Zealand and put our amazing tiny home on wheels aka “PHILLIPA” up for sale. Bottom line is.. we don’t want to part with her, we unfortunately just can’t live here forever. It was a struggle to find this “diamond in […]

Vanlife Pt. 6: A Yearly Budget

A years gone by and we’ve managed to live in our tiny home on wheels while traveling, snowboarding, mountain biking and working. It’s been a year of assessing our wants vs. needs by keeping track of expenses and focusing on a realistic budget most fitting with our income(s) and lifestyle. To keep it simple, we allocated and organized our spending into […]

Vanlife Pt.4: Trailer Parked

Winter has finally arrived in New Zealand and despite warm northerly winds still coming through, we’ve prepared ourselves for the day when the snow will finally stick around (fingers crossed!). With changing seasons, a change in our vanlife routine has also occurred. As much as we enjoyed the freedom of driving around and exploring the […]