Vanlife Pt. 6: A Yearly Budget

A years gone by and we've managed to live in our tiny home on wheels while traveling, snowboarding, mountain biking and working. It's been a year of assessing our wants vs. needs by keeping track of expenses and focusing on a realistic budget most fitting with our income(s) and lifestyle. To keep it simple, we allocated and organized our spending into… Continue reading Vanlife Pt. 6: A Yearly Budget


Vanlife Pt.5: Finding Balance

Winters over and we’ve decided to migrate from Wanaka to Christchurch to enjoy the summer biking around Canterbury and the rest of the south island. Living in a bigger metropolis has given us a similar feeling of home. The decision of moving to a big city like Christchurch meant we were going to risk the… Continue reading Vanlife Pt.5: Finding Balance


Vanlife Pt.4: Trailer Parked

Winter has finally arrived in New Zealand and despite warm northerly winds still coming through, we've prepared ourselves for the day when the snow will finally stick around (fingers crossed!). With changing seasons, a change in our vanlife routine has also occurred. As much as we enjoyed the freedom of driving around and exploring the… Continue reading Vanlife Pt.4: Trailer Parked


Vanlife Pt.3: Out with the Old – Renos

I have always been the type of person that liked to take care of the things I owned. When I bought my first dirtbike at the age of 14, I would clean every spec of mud off and Armor All that thing top to bottom after every ride even if I knew it was going… Continue reading Vanlife Pt.3: Out with the Old – Renos


Vanlife Pt.2: Q&A with Kenjiro (Ken)

It seems every van traveller we've come across has a unique way of vanlife. While hanging out at the bike park in Rotorua we bumped into a fellow van traveller, Ken from Japan, and asked him a few questions about his #Vanlife. To start things off, tell us about yourself. My name is Kenjiro Ono… Continue reading Vanlife Pt.2: Q&A with Kenjiro (Ken)


Vanlife Pt.1: What’s it like?

What's it really like to live in a van? It's been a couple of months since we've joined the van revolution, and to our surprise it appears to be the preferred option for most travellers who come to adventure around New Zealand. For us, vanlife allows both the freedom to explore the open road, while… Continue reading Vanlife Pt.1: What’s it like?

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How small can you go?

A man once said bigger is better, but I believe bigger is also easier. Whether it's a house, a vehicle, or a bag we always seem to fill up, downsizing our wants vs. needs is a bigger struggle for the majority. When we shrink our lives we really start to understand what we value and… Continue reading How small can you go?