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Arrowtown Stompdown

Dear Athletes, If you would like any of the photos below please email info.live4therush@gmail.com and we will send you an electronic copy. All I ask is if you post it on your social media to give me credit using @live4therush. Thanks for putting on such an awesome show and enjoy the photos. Cheers, Mitch &… Continue reading Arrowtown Stompdown

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Biking NZ Part 6: Old Ghost Road – The Loop

I can still remember being at the airport when we arrived in New Zealand 14 months ago and was flipping through one of the local mountain bike magazines. I saw a feature for the Old Ghost Road and I knew right away I wanted to bike the trail! That first summer up in Rotorua mention… Continue reading Biking NZ Part 6: Old Ghost Road – The Loop

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Biking NZ Part 5: Rotorua (aka RotoVegas)

https://vimeo.com/209131709 Long before we left Canada, Rotorua was on the radar to hit up. Between a review from my previous boss (Cam Sorensen - Bike Park Manager @ Silvestar Mountain Bike Park) and the Crankworx publicity, we knew Rotorua was going to be an all-time destination for mountain biking. What we couldn't of planned for is… Continue reading Biking NZ Part 5: Rotorua (aka RotoVegas)


Bikepacking 101: It’s coming in Hot

There’s a new craze taking off in the mountain biking community for those who want to venture off, spend some time away from the crowds and connect with nature in the remote backcountry. Bikepacking, it’s in and it’s only getting more popular with advances in gear to store and carry along all you could ever… Continue reading Bikepacking 101: It’s coming in Hot

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Biking NZ Part 4: Tokoroa

Part 4 of the NZ biking series brings us a lot closer to our home base of Rotorua last summer in a small town known for its logging operations and low income neighbourhoods named Tokoroa. What most people don't know, even those involved in the mountain biking scene is that this place has some of the… Continue reading Biking NZ Part 4: Tokoroa

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The Kiwi Experience Pt.2

We've been in New Zealand for almost a year now and the time travelling around both the North and South islands while working, snowboarding and mountain biking has gone by too fast. There's still so much we want to explore and learn about this amazing country! Here's 10 more things we've learned, embraced and love… Continue reading The Kiwi Experience Pt.2


Vanlife Pt.5: Finding Balance

Winters over and we’ve decided to migrate from Wanaka to Christchurch to enjoy the summer biking around Canterbury and the rest of the south island. Living in a bigger metropolis has given us a similar feeling of home. The decision of moving to a big city like Christchurch meant we were going to risk the… Continue reading Vanlife Pt.5: Finding Balance