Play the Hand You’re Dealt

Right from birth we have choices to make and those choices are limited by what is available to us. In some cases children are born into wealth and have many choices of what toys to play with, which room to play with them in, and which beach resort house to play at with those toys, while others are limited to which pile of mud to play with from the floor of there one room mud hut.

Its not about what we have or how much of it we have, but rather making the most out of what we do have.

Everyone one of us is dealt a different hand of cards and it is our job throughout our life to get rid of the cards we don’t like in hopes to get what we want. Happiness is always the end goal, but all of us will collect and discard differently to achieve this.

Sometimes we have control of which cards we want to keep and which ones we want to get rid of, but sometimes life will throw us a curve ball and voluntarily discards and picks up cards for us. Everyone and everything in our life has shaped us into the current version of ourselves so its important we appreciate everything currently in our hand.

Also, stop looking at your neighbour cards and wishing those were your cards because they aren’t, besides they’re probably looking at yours wishing they were theirs. The grass will stay plenty green on your side of the fence as long as you water it and pull the weeds.

You get a lifetime to play this one hand so take your time, bet within your means, and appreciate the people sitting at the table playing with you.

Posted by Mitch

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