Why So Tight?

A famous philosopher once said, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. Why do we as a society tend to follow trends and insist on “upgrading” our belongings to stay trendy with the masses? Which trends benefit us as a society in a non-monetary way and which are maybe more economically motivated?

I recently read an article by the Scientific American about the evolution of soaps/ antibacterials in society. At first, soaps were viewed as revolutionary because things like tuberculosis, food poisoning, cholera, pneumonia, strep throat and meningitis we’re dramatically reduced. Now in current times, it is being argued that maybe we are taking it too far with the antibacterial to the point our immune systems don’t even know how to deal with bacteria. Where’s the happy medium?

Well, the same can be said with the bike attire that I see as I dive deeper into the pool of man bulges and mom butts on the trails. As a kid I biked in shorts and a T-shirt, cotton I guess, I didn’t really know or care. Now we’ve come out with breathable merino wools and polyester materials. Warm and breathable is what they advertise. I get it and now I even have some, partly because it’s practical and partly because I want to fit in.

A huge trend I keep coming along is the tight and right outfits. Skin tight shirts accompanied with skin tight shorts. Made of the same polyesters and breathable materials, but just way tighter. So I read up and ya, it helps keep the lactic acid swelling down. This can also be done with some spandex underwear. Key word there under, as in you wear it under something so people don’t have to have an up close and personal with your downstairs business.

Many riders also believe this skin tight outfit can help with aerodynamics and shave those precious seconds off in order to gain you that world cup title. If you’re in this category of elite riders where fractions of seconds matter, then power to you! However, the majority of these tight and right individuals would appear to be those with full time jobs (as you’re going to need one in order to be able to afford that new $5000+ carbon fibre S-works and that $500+ plus outfit) and are categorized as recreational riders. Perhaps those seconds don’t matter as much and maybe you could cover up the painted on body suit. I mean its your call though.

All I’m saying is whether you’re washing your hands or buying your next get up, think about finding that happy medium. Our bodies are intelligent beings that have internal systems designed to fight bacteria and cool when overheated. Let it do it’s job or it just may forget how to. It also doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion from someone and remember if your asking yourself “Is it too tight?”.. then you’ve already got the answer.

Posted by Mitch

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