Rotorua Moonride

The annual Moonride held in Rotorua, New Zealand is so much more than a bike race. After meeting some locals at evening ride earlier in the week, the invite they sent my way to be apart of their team was one of the greatest kiwi hospitalities I’ve had yet. There were tents everywhere and everyone had stocked coolers of beer and meat. I had just stumbled into a kiwi tailgating extravaganza. The music was pumping, the beers were spilling, and smoke spewed from people’s tents as burgers and steaks were grilled for participants.

The race itself was a 6, 12, or 24hr long race either completed by a team or a solo rider. I was apart of a 6hr team and each participant took a turn biking the ~6km loop laid out by the event staff. At the end of the 6hrs whoever had the most laps as a team was determined the victor. The video above shows a lap of the race as well as the atmosphere that surrounded the participants at the start/finish area. I’m not sure what place we finished, but the people surrounding us made it a day that will not soon be forgotten.

Thanks Rotorua!

Posted by Mitch

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