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Biking NZ Part 5: Rotorua (aka RotoVegas)

https://vimeo.com/209131709 Long before we left Canada, Rotorua was on the radar to hit up. Between a review from my previous boss (Cam Sorensen - Bike Park Manager @ Silvestar Mountain Bike Park) and the Crankworx publicity, we knew Rotorua was going to be an all-time destination for mountain biking. What we couldn't of planned for is… Continue reading Biking NZ Part 5: Rotorua (aka RotoVegas)


Vanlife Pt. 6: A Yearly Budget

A years gone by and we've managed to live in our tiny home on wheels while traveling, snowboarding, mountain biking and working. It's been a year of assessing our wants vs. needs by keeping track of expenses and focusing on a realistic budget most fitting with our income(s) and lifestyle. To keep it simple, we allocated and organized our spending into… Continue reading Vanlife Pt. 6: A Yearly Budget

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The Kiwi Experience Pt.2

We've been in New Zealand for almost a year now and the time travelling around both the North and South islands while working, snowboarding and mountain biking has gone by too fast. There's still so much we want to explore and learn about this amazing country! Here's 10 more things we've learned, embraced and love… Continue reading The Kiwi Experience Pt.2


Vanlife Pt.3: Out with the Old – Renos

I have always been the type of person that liked to take care of the things I owned. When I bought my first dirtbike at the age of 14, I would clean every spec of mud off and Armor All that thing top to bottom after every ride even if I knew it was going… Continue reading Vanlife Pt.3: Out with the Old – Renos


Where the ladies at?

It was about this time last year I made the purchase of buying my very first full suspension mountain bike, and I won't be looking back anytime soon. However, unlike other sports I've dabbled into one thing seems to stand out no matter where I'm biking.. Where the ladies at? It appears the female mountain… Continue reading Where the ladies at?


Vanlife Pt.2: Q&A with Kenjiro (Ken)

It seems every van traveller we've come across has a unique way of vanlife. While hanging out at the bike park in Rotorua we bumped into a fellow van traveller, Ken from Japan, and asked him a few questions about his #Vanlife. To start things off, tell us about yourself. My name is Kenjiro Ono… Continue reading Vanlife Pt.2: Q&A with Kenjiro (Ken)

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Rotorua Moonride

https://vimeo.com/161401162 The annual Moonride held in Rotorua, New Zealand is so much more than a bike race. After meeting some locals at evening ride earlier in the week, the invite they sent my way to be apart of their team was one of the greatest kiwi hospitalities I've had yet. There were tents everywhere and… Continue reading Rotorua Moonride