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The Kiwi Experience Pt.2

We've been in New Zealand for almost a year now and the time travelling around both the North and South islands while working, snowboarding and mountain biking has gone by too fast. There's still so much we want to explore and learn about this amazing country! Here's 10 more things we've learned, embraced and love… Continue reading The Kiwi Experience Pt.2


Snow Stoke Q&A: Rance Tuff (aka gohuckyourself)

It’s been a wicked winter for us in the southern hemisphere experiencing both the ups and downs of what a splitboard season in New Zealand is like and why the existing yet very small backcountry community is slowly growing. Even now that we’ve packed out split gear away and pulled the bikes out for a… Continue reading Snow Stoke Q&A: Rance Tuff (aka gohuckyourself)


Why Backcountry?

Why backcountry? Why go from the confides of society where all lifes amenities can be readily attained and help is only a short call away? For me backcountry is a relatively new word to my vocabulary. As a kid, cellphones were non-existent and our pedal bikes were the only thing we needed to venture away from… Continue reading Why Backcountry?

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Splitfest NZ 2016: Temple Basin

Since 1929 Temple Basin has been serving the skiing community of New Zealand. Between a mandatory 45min hike to the hill from the road and rope tow lifts, the crowds tend to be non-existent even when we were there on a powder weekend. The terrain is all time as well. With no groomed trails and… Continue reading Splitfest NZ 2016: Temple Basin

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NZ Ski Touring: STFU Brewster Hut

Within the Makarora region of Mount Aspiring National Park and heading west through the Haast Pass at Fantail Falls (pink star), we decided to tramp up with our splitboards to Brewster Hut for another epic Kiwi-style backcountry ski adventure. When looking from a topo map the tramp (black dashed line) is only 2.5km in distance,… Continue reading NZ Ski Touring: STFU Brewster Hut

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NZ Ski Touring: Roy’s Peak

If you spend some time in Wanaka, there's a good chance you'll hear about the must hike up to Roy's Peak. We decided to take on this classic Kiwi tramp with the added challenge of bringing our splitboards along for the adventure. The trail itself was only a 6km drive from our holiday park heading… Continue reading NZ Ski Touring: Roy’s Peak

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NZ Ski Touring: Pisa Range

As winter has begun to shape up here in New Zealand and precipitation has come along with the cold, we've finally started checking out some of the local touring around us in Wanaka. Day 1 (07/25/2016) The Pisa Range is best accessed by driving up Snow Farm and using the cross country trails in order… Continue reading NZ Ski Touring: Pisa Range


Bad Weather ≠ Bad Trip: Icefall Traverse

The weather can be a large contributing factor to how a trip goes, but to ensure good times through and through again it's going to take a lot more than that. People always talk about good vibes and that's what I'm referring to. The ideal winter ski trip weather includes big dumps of snow during… Continue reading Bad Weather ≠ Bad Trip: Icefall Traverse