NZ Backcountry Biking: 42 Traverse

We’ve been taking advantage of some of the amazing trails that New Zealand has to offer, and the 42 traverse was a bike that really checks all the boxes. Great Scenery. Check. Tech and Flow sections. Check. More downs than ups. Check. The thrill of an adventure. Check.

It was about 45 kilometers in total and at no point do you feel close to civilization. The isolation makes it feel like something I can only relate to backcountry ski-touring I’ve done back in Canada. Trails like this really make me remember why I quit my job and decided to pursue the outdoors on a more serious level. Enjoy the video!

Posted by Mitch

2 thoughts on “NZ Backcountry Biking: 42 Traverse

  1. […] In an earlier post I talked about a backcountry bike trip, The 42 Traverse. It was a full day bike through some amazing sections of forest, crossing streams, and with several views of the surrounding hills and famous volcanoes. No worries if you missed it, check out the post here: NZ Backcountry Biking: 42 Traverse […]


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