Do NOT talk to me when I have to pee

There’s no feeling quite like concentrating all your might into crossing your legs and praying to the heavens a restroom or unsupervised bush becomes available in the very near future!

One of the determining factors for my “favorite” places while travelling relies heavily on the ease and convenience I can relieve my bladder. Conveniently, these places also happen to be the ones with hiking, biking, snowboarding, and all my other favorite hobbies. It really works out in that way.

When I’m in a crowded city and that pressure inside my gut begins pushing outwards in every direction and the only way to release that pressure is no way a convenient task, I instantly change from fun and talkative to serious and silent. Do NOT talk to me in this state as in the same instance as a pow day, there are no friends when I have to pee!

I was not born with a city bladder! For this reason among many others, I prefer to surround myself with the magnificent landscapes of nature so I can remain a pleasurable guy to be around.. most of the time!

Mitch iceland hike.jpg

A few tips/tricks I have for the fellow traveller with a weak bladder:

1) Use free bathrooms whenever they come up. Throughout Europe it always costs to use bathrooms in train stations, but not airports. The only thing with airports is the bathrooms are beyond check-in, customs, and security. Go before you leave wherever you are staying!

2) All restaurants have bathrooms and although you may not be hungry, have a seat, put down your coat and go searching for the can. If all goes according to plan you walk out of there with an empty bladder and a fresh glass of ice water.

3) Keep an eye out for construction sites. There’s ALWAYS a porta potty on site!

4) Plan ahead and if all else fails and you find yourself in a predicament, concentrate and do NOT talk to anyone. It’s you against the world!

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