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The Kiwi Experience Pt.2

We've been in New Zealand for almost a year now and the time travelling around both the North and South islands while working, snowboarding and mountain biking has gone by too fast. There's still so much we want to explore and learn about this amazing country! Here's 10 more things we've learned, embraced and love… Continue reading The Kiwi Experience Pt.2


Snow Stoke Q&A: Rance Tuff (aka gohuckyourself)

It’s been a wicked winter for us in the southern hemisphere experiencing both the ups and downs of what a splitboard season in New Zealand is like and why the existing yet very small backcountry community is slowly growing. Even now that we’ve packed out split gear away and pulled the bikes out for a… Continue reading Snow Stoke Q&A: Rance Tuff (aka gohuckyourself)


Bad Weather ≠ Bad Trip: Icefall Traverse

The weather can be a large contributing factor to how a trip goes, but to ensure good times through and through again it's going to take a lot more than that. People always talk about good vibes and that's what I'm referring to. The ideal winter ski trip weather includes big dumps of snow during… Continue reading Bad Weather ≠ Bad Trip: Icefall Traverse


I’m NOT American

You never realize how proud you are of your roots until you venture away from your roots to explore. I was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and that will always be home no matter how long I'm gone and no matter how far I go. When I walk the quiet Sask streets the air feels… Continue reading I’m NOT American

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The Kiwi Experience

It's been 30 days since we left Canada and took the plunge to move to New Zealand for the year (maybe longer?). After a few bumps, some minor delays and challenges upon our arrival, we've finally started to ground ourselves into the kiwi culture. Nevertheless, everything happens for a reason. It's been a first month… Continue reading The Kiwi Experience

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This is Amsterdam

I recently spent the last 50 days travelling Europe with my girlfriend seeing some amazing sites and experiencing the lifestyles of different places. One place that stands out is Amsterdam. Amsterdam was a place that seemed to have a lot more stereotypes associated with it. Before arriving I heard dirty, drugs, sex, and thought does this… Continue reading This is Amsterdam