Why Travel?

While travelling and not travelling, it’s hard not to reflect on the question that comes from loved ones, friends, and ourselves. Why do we travel?

We want to see the future and with travelling sometimes it is not obvious what the direct benefits will be from the money we invest .

One gets a job to make money to buy things and have a great sustainable life.

One does sports to stay in shape and be social with others.

One goes to the doctor to get medicine to feel better. But why does one travel?

Do you venture off in order to see certain areas of the world? Or is it about the going with hopes of opening our eyes and making us a better person? Are we looking to change paths? Are you looking for something or someone?

Travel holds unknowns that no matter how hard you try you cannot control and therefore the best way to handle this is to let go and roll with it. Pick a place that you can find common ground with, book a ticket, and go! The place will do the work for you.

Travelling is supposed to be fun. It’s not supposed to be stressful or a perfectly coordinated routine with a direct purpose aiming to solve a problem in your life. Just go for the sake of going and seek the unknown. Forget what everyone else thinks, is doing, or tries to convince you how you should live your life. Surround yourself with the people you feel comfortable talking to and you know have an interest in bettering you.

Travelling is fun work, a fun sport, and is definitely good for the body, mind and soul.

Have fun and don’t forget to take photos!

Posted by Mitch

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